Heros Sunil's New Movie First look

Heros Sunil's New Movie First look

Hero sunil is hit screens approximately 22months back he came with a movie" Bhimavaram Bullodu" actually the movie is avg this is the last movie of Sunil , now he is doing 3 movies he want to release his 3 movies in New Year-2016 and he is recently release new teaser which is "Krishnastami" under "Dil Raju" banner, and now he releases his new movie look " EEDU  GOLD EHE" which is under direction of " Viru Potla" his first look movie is simply super so he is working  very hardly to impress his fans & audience , lets wish him - " All the best  & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO SUNIL"  

Lets see the first look below

Virus A

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