Update on Nenu Sailaja audio function update

Update on Nenu Sailaja audio function update

Hii guys there is latest news update on "Nenu Sailaja" movie audio function, it is the one of the prestagious project for rams carrer , because recently ram came with one project  as "Shivam" it is very disaster in rams life & in TFI (tollywood film industry)  & DSP( devi sri prasad ) is the music director for "Shivam " Movie he gives beautiful album but it will not help . Now for the "Nenu Shailaja" movie will going to hit the screens on " JAN 1st 2016", this movie is releasing audio function grandly on "DEC 21st " and under the music of "Rockstar DSP"  his father (satya murthi) was leaves DSP recently DSP's Father is died suddenly it is very sad news to DSP but he was not  take rest he is one of the person who has "PROFESSINAL ETHICS" and he was doing his work , lets see the audio function.


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